Our Pillars of Ministry


These four pillars of ministry are foundational to the operations of our church body. Each is equally important and is integral to the growth and empowerment of our church.


Caring And Reaching Everyone

Our small “cell” groups are the building blocks of the local church, where every believer is nurtured, cared for and trained to pray for and reach out to the friends and families in their spheres with the light of the Gospel. CARE Cells are a place of fellowship and discipleship for the young and old, singles and married couples.


Compassion ministries are an avenue to channel blessings to those in need both locally as well as abroad. With Matthew 25:35-36 as a commission, World Blessing Foundation (WBF) was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization dedicated to show God’s love by bring relief aids to the needy around the world. Indonesian Relief Fund (IRF) is one of WBF’s projects that has since provided tens of thousands of containers to needy people throughout Indonesia with food, clothing, building materials and other material donations.


We believe in equipping believers to take their workplace, profession, and businesses as their ministry, impacting their spheres of influence with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Marketplace ministries empowers with a biblical base of God’s purpose in the workplace and global network of businesses.


We are also committed in raising and equipping leaders. One of the major partnerships we have in this endeavor is with Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI) based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We provide leadership development to further equip us in our respective callings through trainings, seminars, and conferences.